Did you know that Physiotherapists can be your first point of call?



In the line of medicine, there is a respected process of execution when seeking your healthcare need. Most people are familiar with family Doctor’s (GP’s) being a starting point and then being referred to the respective healthcare worker if needed by your GP. When it comes to requiring a specialist Doctor or navigating medical aid formalities, this is often true but what about Physiotherapy?



Physiotherapists are known as ‘Movement Analysts’, we study the mechanics and functions of the musculoskeletal system which incorporates bone, soft tissue, and connective tissue. Whether you have slipped and fallen, woken up with a stiff neck, are having difficulty breathing, balancing or carrying out your day-to-day functions, we can assist. Once we have assessed the condition, we will make a call of whether you may need further diagnostic testing such as an Xray or an Ultrasound. If your condition is beyond our scope of practice, we will then refer you to the necessary specialist or therapist such as an Orthopaedic surgeon, Neurosurgeon or Occupational therapist to name a few. We carry out in depth subjective exams and often pick up on emotional stress or traumas as well as make referrals to Counsellors or Psychologists as the case requires.



When in hospital, the process is led by the treating Doctor or Physician and therefore Physiotherapists aren’t the first point of contact but rather called upon to aid chest management, mobility and regaining basic daily function in order to be discharged and cope within their home or working environment.



Our role is extremely dynamic, from acute cases all the way to chronic management and long-term rehabilitation. We walk a road with our patients who often end up feeling like family and this is why we love what we do. So give us a call and we will gladly assist and direct you toward your healing journey.