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Situated at 11 Smartt Road, Nahoon, East London

  • BA (Hons) Biokinetics – University of Bloemfontein
  • 6 years’ experience in Private Practice


Sports Injuries: Specifically in runners, triathletes and rugby players. Establishing a baseline performance and using movement and exercise to help these athletes to return to play with a low risk of re-injury using evidence based protocols and test batteries.

Prehabilitation: Identifying risk factors associated with certain sports and training and establishing training models to avoid injury while training for certain races or events i.e Two Oceans, Comrades, Ironman, etc

Frailcare: Helping the elderly maintain as much of their independence as possible and strength training to make daily living as easy as possible and prevent any progression of comorbidities associated with old age such as falling, muscle atrophy and decrease in range of motion.

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Situated at 11 Smartt Road, Nahoon, East London

My name is Justin Bowden and I have been a qualified Biokineticist for 9 years. I completed my undergraduate degree in Human Movement Science in 2010 at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) and later completed my Biokinetics Honours degree in 2012 at the same university.

I was contracted for the automotive industry for four and a half years and then went into private practice. My passion lies with neurological rehabilitation and care for the elderly. I also enjoy complex orthopaedic cases. My motto is a holistic approach to wellness that uplifts, restores and dignifies the lives of others.

Robyn and Justin will collaborate with Corenect in the following areas:

  • Preventative screening of individual risks of postural dysfunction associated with activities of daily living, work and hobby/sports.
  • Preventative screening in all athletes to prevent injury and ensure efficiency in sport using evidence-based protocols/batteries.
  • Prescription of mobility home programs and/or Sports training programs for any risks identified in screening to ensure sustainable health and sufficient mobility for all function.
  • Preventative screening of the school going child with the aim of meeting postural demands with development and/or screening of the sports athlete for possible over training to ensure injury prevention of the developing body.

*Online services to be established for areas outside of East London using video technology