Aqua Therapy

Situated at 38 Smartt Road, Nahoon with Amy Rayment & Candice Benkenstein Physiotherapy
Contact: 072 829 5584 / 043 422 0453

We offer Physiotherapy in water for all kinds of patients:

  • Post Operative Care
  • Sports Patients with Injury
  • Recovering cancer patients
  • Neurological Conditions Needing Rehabilitation
  • Paediactric Conditions with Developmental Delay

Our goals in the water are to achieve strength, mobility and flexibility, to move in many different movement planes, to regain balance and co-ordination and to trust one’s body again to move.

The benefits of working in water are just incredible and such fun, we would love to assist you on your healing journey!

Aqua Rhythmics Water Fitness Centre


Situated at 46 Smartt Road, Nahoon with Jenni Hayhoe
LTS Swimming Instructor (Swim SA) / SAWFA Water Fitness Instructor (Honours) / Chair-based Exercise Instructor – compatible with CIMPA’s Professional standards.
Contact: 082 822 5548

Jenni has been a fitness instructor for 23 years. She has a passion for achieving healthy lifestyles through aquatic fitness. She embraces cultural diversity and strives to ensure that all individuals benefit from her aqua fitness program regardless of their age, ability, goals or interests.

A common misconception about aqua therapy is that you have to know how to swim but this is not true. In our heated, indoor pool, we continue with aqua all year round and do all exercises in a standing position or with aid of a float device or bar which ensures that anyone can do it.” 

Benefits of Aqua include:

  • Strength Training
  • Balance Training
  • Flexibility within the Warm Water
  • Core Control & Global Strength
  • Improves Joint Range of Motion
  • Helps Alleviate Musculoskeletal Pains
  • Improving Cardiovascular Fitness


  • Final phase of rehabilitation post operatively to improve all round strength, balance and flexibility,
  • Assist in core strength, control and function in children with delayed development, weakened trunk and poor balance
  • Preventative aqua classes for all ages focusing on muscle length, strength, range of motion
  • Falls prevention class for the elderly focusing on balance and co-ordination
  • Sports conditioning in water for our athletes overcoming injury – final phase